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Texas Edition  |  Spring 2024


From the President & CEO

John K. Handy

For over 100 years, the team at Commerce Trust has been a leading provider of wealth management services for our clients and their families. Assigning hand-picked teams to focus on each client’s wealth management needs.

We’ve brought our philosophy and team to Texas and would like to share a glimpse of how we look for opportunity in an increasingly complex market. We have curated a selection of viewpoints to share from our seasoned team of financial professionals in this inaugural issue of Encompass by Commerce Trust.

I invite you to consider a fresh look at your wealth management approach and look forward to offering our team to assist you in any way we can.

Please take a moment to explore what the Commerce Trust team has to offer and feel free to reach out to Jacqueline Gabbidon, our Texas market executive at (214) 220-7124 to learn more.

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Inside these pages you will find our perspective on topics to manage your wealth today while stewarding and preserving your assets for your beneficiaries and your legacy in the future.

Topics such as the sunsetting of the current estate tax exemption legislation and implications for your legacy planning, financing options for real estate and insurance premiums for your liquidity and cash flow needs. In addition, our investment team provides our view on how your fixed income allocation may fit into your investment strategy this year and the benefits of rebalancing your portfolio as part of a healthy investment routine.

At Commerce Trust, we are continually looking for ways to offer tailored banking, investment, and planning solutions to fit your needs.

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Discover the impending changes to estate tax exemptions and proactive wealth transfer strategies to navigate them effectively. Learn how annual exclusion gifts, SLATs, ILITs, and other techniques can mitigate estate tax liabilities and safeguard your legacy. With time being crucial, learn how our team of advisors at Commerce Trust can tailor your estate plan effectively and ensure your financial future.


In this article, we discuss insurance premium financing through The Private Bank at Commerce Trust. If you want to lessen the impact of a premium payment for your high-value life insurance policy, financing the premium may suit your cash flow needs. Learn how insurance premium financing allows you to preserve liquidity by only paying interest on the loan to finance the policy premium payments rather than paying the full premium out of pocket.

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Explore fixed income investment opportunities in 2024 with Commerce Trust's expertise. Delve into the insights provided by our team, highlighting tax-exempt municipal bonds and the benefits of their historically low default rates. With a focus on customization and tailored investment portfolios, Commerce Trust guides investors like you through the intricacies of fixed income investments, ensuring alignment with individual investment strategies and goals.

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Texas Market Executive

Jacqueline Gabbidon

Jacquie is market executive for the Texas region of Commerce Trust. As Texas market executive, she leads the wealth management practice in Dallas and Houston. She is responsible for ensuring client needs and service standards are met across all areas of the trust, investment, and private banking business. 

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Market Brief with Scott Colbert June 3, 2024

Market Brief: What’s the Current State of the U.S. Economy?

In a new Commerce Trust Market Brief video, Scott Colbert, Commerce Trust Chief Economist and Director of Fixed Income Management examines the current state of the U.S. economy, including the current interest rate environment, inflationary trends, and the question of whether we will have a recession  

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How Technology is Reshaping the S&P 500 Index Podcast

In a new episode of the Conversations with Commerce Trust podcast, Chief Investment Officer David Hagee discusses equity markets and the influence of the technology sector with Don McArthur, Director of Equity Research at Commerce Trust.

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